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Sulphate of Potash containing Magnesium
Patentkali is a highly concentrated fertiliser containing the nutrients potassium, magnesium and sulphur in an ideal ratio:
30 % K2O water-soluble potassium oxide (25%K)
10 % MgO water-soluble magnesium oxide (6% Mg)
17 % S water-soluble sulphur trioxide (17% S)
Patentkal is a unique, naturally occuring potash fertiliser from Germany where there are vast deposits underground.  How was it created?  Most of Central Europe was covered by an inland sea more than 250 million years ago, which was largely cut off from the open sea by shallow straits, known as Bars. Since a desert-like climate predominated at that time, the intensive solar radiation evaporated the water, like in a gigantic evaporating pan.
The salinity of the body of water increased until the dissolved minerals (carbonates, sulphates and chlorides) crystallized out and formed layers of potassic minerals. This led to the development of vast deposits, some of which are several hundred meters thick. As a result, we have a natural product at our disposal today that was created from pure sea water by the heat of the sun at a time when there was no pollution.

Patentkali is approved for use on Organic holdings (restricted input - requires justification as per Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland)

>For more information on Patentkali click here<

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