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Whole Crop Silage

Whole Crop Silage

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Variety rich whole crop silage with a mix of clovers. Useful as a main silage crop and a catchcrop. Abundant flowering and very good suppression of weeds in comparison with mono-cultures. 75% Organic. More details below. Please ring to order!



75% Organic Whole Crop Silage Mix

Sow months: March-May          Sowing Rate: 130-150 kg/ha

Whole crop silage provides an excellent compliment to traditional grass silage and increase dry matter intake of animals. This is a diverse mix that includes clovers which increase protein content whilst providing abundant flowers for wildlife. Ideal for an early harvest of high starch and fibre rich silage.Ingredients include oats, triticale, peas, ryegrass, vetch and clovers. For full breakdown of ingredients click HERE.

Alternative Whole Crop Silage Mixes

Sow months: May-Mid August          Sowing Rate: 130-150 kg/ha

Whole crop silage mix for high bulk harvest for later sowing times. Very good weed suppression and improves the soil structure for the next crop. Ingredients for this mix are: 45% Summer Triticale, 30% Oats, 20% Peas and 5% Vetch.

Simple mixes also available: Wheat/Peas, Oats/Peas and Barley/Peas.

Please ring Elmer on 027 50710 to discuss custom whole crop silage mixes.

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