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10L Aminofert 9%N Liquid Fertiliser

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10L Aminofert 9%N Liquid Fertiliser

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Aminofert® N liquid is a high Nitrogen 9%N organic liquid/foliar feed to support crops when under stress. 10L and 1L More details below.



Aminofert N Liquid 9% Nitrogen

Liquid Organic N-Fertilizer approved for use in organic farming

This purely plant based fertiliser contains amino acids which are easily taken up by the plants through the leaves or roots.
Being plant based it is comfortable in the application, no bad smell and it has an excellent coverage and adhesion on the leaves.

This liquid fertiliser is especially effective in times of plant stress, for example transplanting, drought, cold weather, etc.

It also help with an balanced ripening of crops as it helps the cell division and root forming.
Foliar or liquid Feeding

2-3L/ha for Tillage or liquid feed 5-8L/ha in Horticulture at 0.5-1% solution especially when there is plant stress from drought or very wet conditions.

On the soil at 2-3%

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