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Organic Linseed per kg

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Organic Linseed per kg

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Organic linseed (Linum usitatissimum). Can be used as Wild Bird Cover (suitable for GLAS scheme) or as a Green Manure. More details below.

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Organic Linseed (Linum usitatissimum)

Variety "Festival"

As wild bird cover:

  • A mix including a cereal and an oil-rich crop (e.g. kale, linseed or quinoa) will benefit the widest range of species.
  • Linseed will encourage nectar-feeding insects. Many of these insects will then lay eggs nearby and so increase the numbers of insect larvae available to birds as food. In turn, the larvae of some nectar-feeding insects prey on aphids, helping to reduce numbers of these pests in nearby crops.
  • Linseed will tolerate acid soil.
  • 15-20kg/ha Linseed with 75-110kg/ha Oats

As a green manure:

  • Sow in spring.
  • Grows quickly. Good cover if sown thickly.
  • Has a branching taproot capable of reaching 1-1.5m.
  • Has strong mycorrhizal associations which really helps plants extract water and less available nutrients such as phosphorus.
  • Will improve soil structure.
  • Blue flowers will atract insects and hoverflies.
  • Dig in before stems get too woody.
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