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White Clover Seed, Medium Leaf - Coolfin

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White Clover Seed, Medium Leaf - Coolfin

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Medium leaved white clover. Variety is 'Coolfin' which was bred by Teagasc and is the highest yielding medium leaved clover on the recommended list. Conventional untreated seed. More details below.

Organic medium leaved white clover seed no longer available for 2019.  A derogation is needed for organic growers to use Coolfin conventional untreated seed.

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Medium Leaved White Clover (Trifolium Repens)

White clover is one of the most beneficial legumes in farming. Due to its creeping growth habit it can spread itself around and fill gaps in pastures and will last many years. In pastures, white clover can supply 100-150kgN/ha/year making it indispensable to organic and low input farms. Clover rich swards also provide high protein and mineral rich fodder. For silage and long term grazing.

  • Long term nitrogen fixation.
  • High yielding combined with persistence.
  • Spreads by a network of creeping stems close to the surface.
  • Cutting stimulates the roots to grow more and fix more nitrogen.
  • It is part of the legume family so treat as such for crop rotation purposes.
  • Supplies nitrogen to grass in a pasture but will not take over the sward in summer. The grass in the sward will not be thinned out due to the clover.
  • Excellent source of pollen and nector for bees.
  • Works well as a long term green manure.

Growing White Clover

Seeding Rate:  Agriculture -  4-5 kg/acre     10-12 kg/ha      Horticulture - 1kg covers 400-800m²
Sowing: May to September. Seed is tiny so should be broadcast or shallow drilled no deeper than 1cm. The ground should be rolled afterwards to get good soil contact with seed. Can also be over-sown to introduce into existing pastures.
Persistence: Long lasting perennial.
Soil Preference: Not fussy about soil type but requries decent fertility (Index 3 for P & K) and a pH above 6 to do well.

Click HERE to read a Teagasc guide to White Clover.

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