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4kg Potash fertilizer 31%K (Kali Vinasse)

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4kg Potash fertilizer 31%K (Kali Vinasse)

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High K (potash) granular organic plant food. 31%K  water-soluble potassium as potassium sulphate (Low Magnesium). Approved for use in organic production. EU 834/2007.  More details below.

4kg bag   -  enough for approx 160m2



Improves tissue strength, cold and drought resistance and the storage of crops and the stability of the soil structure.

Kali vinasses (31% K / Potash) is a granular, plant extract, that supplies 100% water soluble potash. Each granule contains 31% potassium, 20% sulphur and a range of trace elements (Mn, Cu, Zn,I,Mg).

Potassium is vital to crop yield and quality and is usually the nutrient required in the largest amount compared to other major nutrients. It is also vital for flowering, colour, sugar formation and water balance. Kali Vinasse has a low chlorine content(max. 1%Cl), unlike synthetic sources of potash. Chlorine interferes with nitrogen uptake and can have an adverse impact on the microbial health of the soil.

The Potash and Sulphur in Kali Vinasse is readily available to the crop and is especially suitable for soils high in Magnesium due to its low Mg content.  Easy to spread by hand as it is like sand.

Approved for use in organic production.EU 834/2007

APPLICATION / DOSAGE: Depending on need about 2.5kg per 100 m²

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