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Caterpillar Predator (BT)

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Caterpillar Predator (BT)

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BACILLUS THURENGIENSIS (BT) is one of the oldest and well known biological control agents.  Will control caterpillars.

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BACILLUS THURENGIENSIS (BT) is a naturally-occurring bacteria and one of the oldest and well known biological control agents.

  • It is active against caterpillars on brassicas - a common pest which can destroy a crop in a short time.
  • Also suitable for caterpillars in plums and cherry crops.
  • BT sprayed on the plant will be taken up by the caterpillar. The bacillus blocks the digestive system of the pest.
  • Will not work against non-feeding stages of insect development. For example the egg, pupae and adult stages of their life cycle. It is best applied when the caterpillars are young and actively feeding. Cover the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves to increase effectiveness.
  • At application time the leaves should be dry and no imminent rainfall is expected. Repeat application every 7 to 10 days. If egg hatching is occurring over an extended period of time then make a second spray application 3 to 5 days later
  • Does not harm people, animals, birds or fish. Non toxic
  • No waiting time before harvest
  • Apply with a sprayer.


Cover the plants completely with the spray solution, as soon as caterpillars or caterpillar damage is visible.  Early application increases the effectively of the treatment. Repeat treatment in case of strong pest pressure or poor weather conditions (e.g. heavy rainfall). Temperatures during treatment should be above 15°

Dilution 0.1% (  1kg BT to 1000 ltr water) – minimum application 1kg/ha

Mixing Instructions: Fill sprayer with ¾ of the required water. Add BT into sprayer and engage mixing unit. Top up remaining water quantity. Mix only quantities whch can be applied on the same day. Ready mixed solution cannot be stored for later use.

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