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Forage Chicory (Conv.)

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Forage Chicory (Conv.)

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Chicory seed for incorporating into grass mixes or strip seeding. Non-organic untreated seed. Per kg. More details below.



Chicory -  Cichorium intybus

  • Chicory is a suitable forage for cattle, sheep and goats and deer.  Will add trace elements and interest to stock diets.
  • High level of palatability.
  • Chicory possesses a deep tap root which can extract moisture from great depths in the soil. Chicory is rich in minerals due to its deep tap root which can absorb minerals that are inaccessible to shallower rooted plant species. In general, most of the macro-minerals in chicory are similar, or exceed those found in grasses and legumes.
  • Chicory is a biennial plant with a two-year lifespan, but most varieties can be managed as short-lived perennials with a practical stand life of three to five years.
  • Chicory has the potential to reduce the adverse effects of internal parasites, which can reduce anthelmintic use. Although chicory grazing has been shown to have little impact on controlling worms in adult sheep, it can result in lower egg counts in lambs, which may improve performance.
  • Non-organic untreated seed.
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