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Garlic Concentrate - AMN BioVit

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Garlic Concentrate - AMN BioVit

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100% natural herb extract made from Garlic. Effective against a range or crop pests and gives your plants a boost.
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Garlic Concentrate - AMN BioVit

A highly effective concentrated product that contains significant amounts of iron, organic Selenium and other important micro-nutrients.

Conventional chemical pesticides coat the leaf surface and kill pests on contact or after the insect has attacked the plant. BIOVIT works differently: it is absorbed by the plant and changes the chemistry of the foliage. This causes a shift in the emitted radiation spectrum, or more simply: the 'smell' of the plant. Insects, which are genetically coded to find their food by scent, do not 'find' the plants anymore.

BIOVIT is a unique natural repellent and feeding depressant as well as a foliar feed. Especially when applied together with foliar feeds and/or biostimulants like liquid seaweed it has a dramatic effect on the plants performance.

Application: BIOVIT is sprayed on the leaves (2 - 3 ml concentrate per 1ltr pH neutral water - apply every 2 weeks) will be quickly absorbed by the plant.

  • Pests avoid plants for approx. 2 weeks because of smell.
  • Disrupts food instinct and reproduction of pests.
  • Harmless to beneficial insects.
  • Antibacterial action lessens risk of fungal infection.
  • Increased chlorophyll production results in healthier plants and better crops.
  • Very good against carrot fly.
  • Can be used on sensitive ornamentals.
  • Can also be used for keeping midges and mosquitoes away from outdoor ares  if shrubs and plants are sprayed every week.

(Also repels bees. Do not apply less than 6 days before pollination)

Availble in 1L and 500ml(2X250ml)

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