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Greaseband for Fruit Trees

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Greaseband for Fruit Trees

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Greaseband with a special glue made from natural resins and wax. Will protect fruit trees from pests that crawl up the trunk. 3m roll. More details below.



These Greasebands will offer year long protection againsts pests on your fruit trees.

  • Year round protection against insects which climb up tree trunks to lay their eggs in the crown.
  • Greasebands are highly effective against winter moth caterpillar.
  • Excellent protection against ants, greenfly and woolly aphids.
  • Rain proof and insecticide free adhesive (contains resin and wax) that does not dry out.
  • Does not harm beneficial insects or other-garden dwellers.
  • Greasebands are effective for several months.


  • Lay sticky ring around the trunk and fix with wire provided.
  • Smooth-barked trees: use ready-prepared sticky papers.
  • Trees with fissured bark: apply Fruit Tree Grease directly onto the bark.
  • The Greaseband needs to be kept sticky and free of debris from late October until April.
  • The Greaseband should also be applied to neighbouring trees if an infestation is found.
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