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50gm Borage non-organic untreated seed

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50gm Borage non-organic untreated seed

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Borago officinalis.  Non-organic untreated seed.  Deep rooted green manure - can help break up hard packed soils. More details below.



Borago officinalis

  • The bright blue flowers are loved by bees.
  • Borage is a  major source of nectar and pollen.
  • Host plant for lacewings to lay eggs
  • Favourite plant for beneficials (spiders, damsel bugs, ground beetles, parasitoid wasps)
  • The deep taproots and wide fibrous roots will break apart problem soils and increase aeration.This will help improve soil structure, increasing water percolation and oxygen.
  • Sowing instructions: Sowing time April - June. Sow seeds 0.5-1 cm deep in rows 30 cm apart in soil with a fine crumbly surface.

50 gram is enough to cover an area of 30m2

Did you know?

  • Originating from Syria, this annual herb is now naturalized through Europe, Asia, North Africa, and South America.
  • Borage has a clean, cucumber-melon flavour. The tender young stems and leaves of borage are a fantastic addition to salads. Lightly blanch the leaves first in a pot of simmering salted water for a minute or two, or by chopping them up extremely finely to break down any tiny hairs that may be left on the leaves.
  • The stunning blue, star-shaped flowers make a beautiful garnish and are good frozen in ice cubes for that summer glass of Pimms!
  • Borage was once used to flavor wine.
  • Borage was historically used to give men courage.
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