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Dubron 412 Natural White Emulsion

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Dubron 412 Natural White Emulsion

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High quality healthy, white natural emulsion. This creamy chalk and soya oil based paint is solvent free, environmentally friendly and has excellent coverage.

For advice regarding your painting or wood project call us on 02750710. Colours not in stock can be ordered.


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Price From: €39.50



Non Toxic White Emulsion

Product Description - An ecologically sound water based emulsion paint that is solvent and VOC free. Dubron is a creamy, strong white emulsion with a low tendency to drip or splash. It has good coverage making it economical to apply. Can be tinted to any ratio with URA Colouring Paste. Dubron 412 is suitable for interior surfaces such as plaster, masonry, wood-derived materials (OSB), oatmeal wallpaper, gypsum board, clay plaster and absorbent, sound, interior surfaces treated with dispersion paint. Some surfaces may require priming and it is not suitable for textile or vinyl wall coverings. The emulsion remains permeable to water vapor when completely dried.

Ingredients - Full Declaration - Water, chalk, titan dioxide, talcum, bees wax-soap, soya oil – natural resin ester, methyl cellulose, soya oil, ethanol and citric Acid Parmetol(R) citrone oil.


Preparation - Remove any dust and dirt -  the surface should be clean, dry, and free of any greasy substances. If mould is present it should treated beforehand with a mould and mildew remover. Small cracks can be filled with a wall filler.

Coverage - 1 litre undiluted is sufficient for approximately 8 m² per coat, i.e. 125 ml/m². This could be somewhat less, or more, depending on the condition and absorbency of the surface. Always do a test application first! A lambswool roller with rounded edges and a natural bristle brush are ideal to use.

  • 5lt - coverage 40m2
  • 10lt - coverage 80m2
  • For Technical Data on Dubron Natural emulsion please click HERE

Cleaning Up - Clean equipment immediately after use with warm water and Latis 558 Tool Cleaner

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