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Emmer Wheat Organic

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Emmer Wheat Organic

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Emmer (Triticum dicoccon) is an ancient form of wheat that can be eaten as a wholegrain (farro) or milled into flour for baking. Earthy, nutty and slightly sweet flavour. More details below.

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Organic Emmer Grain

Emmer was one of the first cereals cultivated in the Fertile Crescent and is an ancestor of durum wheat. Like other ancient grains, it fell out of favour due to lower yields and relatively difficult processing because of the hulls remaining attached. However, it is now being rediscovered and grown more widely as people embrace richer flavours and nutritional profiles.

Emmer can be cooked whole and eaten as a wholegrain like einkorn and spelt (collectively known as Farro) where it makes a welcome addition to soups, stews, salads and risottos. When milled into flour, emmer can produce delicious loaves of deep flavoured bread.

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