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Spring 2018 Special Offer - 6kg Blight Resistant Potatoes, onions and fertilizer

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Spring 2018 Special Offer - 6kg Blight Resistant Potatoes, onions and fertilizer

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Organic potatoesRegular price €43  -  Offer price €35

Everything you need to grow your own organic blight resistant potatoes and onions.

Full details of the pack below.



Blight Resistant Starter Pack with Onions and Fertilizer

Get all of this for €35!

This bundle includes 6kg Blight Resistant seed potatoes. That's about 75 to 90 tubers. You'll need about 15 to 20 square metres for the plants. If that's too big an area for you, why not take advantage of the offer and share some potatoes with friends and family.

You're also getting a total of 250g onion sets. That's about 60-80 onions. Enough to keep you going for a few months! If you haven't grown shallots before, this offer gives you a great chance to try them out.

Organic plant feeds

The bundle includes two excellent organic approved sources of nutrients for your crops.

TOPMIX  is an approved organic feed with a good balance of major N-P-K nutrients. It's relatively high in Potash (K) and so is ideal for potatoes which have a high potash requirement. Dig it in before planting. Application rate: approx 1kg per 4m2.

This bundle comes with 4kg Topmix which is just the right amount to feed the 6kg of potatoes included. If your soil is relatively fertile already you can apply at slightly lower rates and use some for your onions too.

SEAWEED DUST is a great soil conditioner and supplies minor nutrients and trace elements essential for healthy plant growth. You can dig this in with the Topmix. Applicaiton rate approx. 1kg per 10m2.

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