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Steam Juice Extractor

What is a Steam Juicer?

A steam juicer is a low-tech way to extract juice from fruit or vegetables. It consists of a stack of nesting pots that sit on top of the cooker. It has a tube for pouring off the juice.  The top pot holds the fruit or vegetables in a colander so the steam can penetrate it. You just add the fruit or vegetables.

The middle pot has an opening to allow the steam to rise up through the centre and a reservoir to collect the juice. It also has a small pipe and a tube steam juice extractorwhere the juice can be siphoned off. A clip holds the juice in until you release it. The bottom pot holds water and creates the steam.


  • A steam juicer is easy to use and clean.
  • Fast efficient juice extraction – no waiting overnight for juice to drip through muslin.
  • Processes large quantities of fruit and vegetables quickly and in a sterile environment with very little preparation.
  • Diabetic fruit juice can be home produced, no added anything.
  • Good, concentrated, clear juice can be produced relatively quickly.
  • Pan can be used for steaming or cooking anything.
      Steam Juicer v Mechanical Juicer

A Steam Juicer:

Extracts the juice by heating the cells until they burst. The juice trickles out leaving pulp behind.

Produces a fairly clear liquid.

Creates a more concentrated juice. Due to the fact that it is pure juice (with less fibre) and you are steaming off some of the water.

Is not labour intensive. Although the steamer needs to be supervised,   you are not actively doing anything but waiting.

  A Mechanical Juicer:

Extracts by breaking the cells through crushing or grinding the produce.

Produces a less clear liquid with pulp.

Offers more nutrition due to fibre and no heat.

Requires you to actively process each piece of produce through the  juicer. This is not an issue unless you are doing mass quantities


Points to note

  • Juice can be very hot – watch out for splatters.
  • Do not be tempted to stir or press the fruit in the top tier. Doing so will drop all the pulp and skins into your juice.
  • Don’t let the steamer boil dry – put some glass marbles in the bottom pan. When the water level gets low the marbles will start to rattle.



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