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10 Most Popular Flower & Vegetable Seeds for Growers

Selection of Organic Seeds

Our Most Popular Flower & Vegetable Seeds Sold here at Fruit Hill Farm

We were surprised at some of these, but the results are in and our most popular seeds sold in 2017 are as follows....drum roll please!

organic calendula attracting bees and butterflies

Top 10 Flower seeds

  1. Calendula - not surprising that this is no.1 as it is easy to grow and suits most soils. It has a wonderful vibrant colour, attracts bees and hover-flies AND it's flowers are edible. A noble winner indeed!
  2. Wild Italian Sweet Pea comes in a close second. This is a lovely strong scented flower with lilac and purple flowers.
  3. Sweet Pea comes in on the heels of the Wild Italian sweet pea. This is an equally lovely blossom with mixed colour flowers and beautiful scent.
  4. Nasturtiums are hard to beat (but they have been!) They are easy to grow, have beautiful colours, edible flowers and attract bees.
  5. Sunflowers - what's not to like about sunflowers? They are big and beautiful and easy to grow.
  6. Cornflower Mixture is a mix of of different coloured cornflowers that add a lovely mix of colours to the garden whilst attracting beneficial insects.
  7. Coneflower / Echinacea these flowers are beloved by cottage gardeners and butterfly enthusiasts. They are are used as medicinal plants for alleviating skin rashes and internally for stimulating the immune system. they also look fantastic!
  8. Red Sunflower is a very striking sunflower - it's a strong and vibrant red colour that attracts birds and bees and is easy to grow.
  9. Blue Cornflowers  beautiful double flowers with a rich blue colour.  They are  also edible and have a sweet/spicy clove flavour.  Sprinkle on cakes or salads
  10. Common Poppies make it in at number 10. These are delicate flowers that blossom in mid summer with rich scarlet, red, pink or white flowers.

Top 10 Vegetable Seeds

  1. Carrot Nantes - comes in as the winner at number 1. An early variety with good colour, texture & flavour with good storage potential.
  2. Carrot Amsterdam Forcing comes in at a close 2nd place.  This is one of the earliest carrots for forcing outdoors or under cloches. They produce a very sweet 'finger' carrot.
  3. Beetroot Bolthardy is very popular and is a globe shaped beetroot with a fresh sweet flavour.
  4. Rainbow Chard is a delicious, versatile and colourful vegetable that looks fabulous in the garden and on the plate....tastes great too!
  5. Courgette Zucchini Elite produces a good consistent yield with glossy medium green fruits and edible flowers.
  6. Rocket Wild - Perennial good for adding a flavour of the Mediterranean to the salad bowl and has an intense flavour that is sharp and clean.
  7. Radish Cherry Belle comes in at no.7. This fast maturing variety is reliable and versatile, producing early crops of sweet and succulent, mildly flavoured radish.
  8. Spinach Butterflay has a good leaf colour and a great  flavour which make this cold weather spinach a winner.
  9. Carrot Autumn King - More carrots! These Carrot Kings are a Maincrop well known variety with excellent taste and colour.
  10. Late Purple Sprouting Broccoli - Coming in at no.10 is this excellent winter vegetable, tasty, nutritious, hardy & reliable!

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