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Planting & Growing 'Flavor' Softneck Garlic in Spring

Flavor Softneck garlic is a an organic Garlic for Spring planting.

Flavor Garlic has lovely ivory/pink cloves of fine flavour.  Can be used green in salads or left to mature for cooking.  Wonderful roasted whole in olive oil with new potatoes and rosemary.

Choosing a Site and soil for your garlic

Choose an open, sunny site and well-drained soil. High humidity around the foliage and wet soils make the crop more prone to disease. Prior to planting, improve the soil’s structure, moisture retention and nutrient levels by incorporating organic matter. Apply about two bucketfuls of well-rotted manure or other organic matter such as garden compost every square metre. Avoid using fresh manure. Little fertiliser is required at planting. On average soils apply a balanced fertiliser such as Greenvale at 25g/m2, but in Spring once the crop gets going it is a good idea to top dress with a Nitrogen rich fertiliser like Greenvale or Liquid ProPower(7-3-7)

Planting the garlic in in the open

Garlic is planted from bulb segments (cloves), so break up the bulb carefully into individual segments prior to planting. Make sure that the cloves are planted the right way up: the flatter basal plate should be facing downwards. Allow 15cm between individual cloves and 30cm between rows. Plant the cloves so the tips are 2.5cm below soil surface. Deeper planting can encourage better yields on light soils, but do not plant deeply on heavy soils.


As the foliage of garlic casts little shade, the crop can be easily swamped by weeds, so hand weed regularly.

Harvesting garlic

Lift the bulbs with a fork once the foliage starts to fade and go yellow – mid summer on. Avoid bruising the bulbs as it reduces their storage quality. Dry them off thoroughly in a single layer in the sun (not more than 2 –3 days otherwise the Garlic bulbs can turn green) or in a dry, shaded, well-ventilated place such as a shed. Store in a dry place at 5-10°C

Garlic Pests & Problems

Garlic suffers from similar pest and disease problems as onions and leeks. Softneck cultivars occasionally produce flower stalk if exposed to adverse growing conditions such as high temperatures or drought. If the bulbs start splitting the crop was harvested too late. Shallow planting and late harvesting can lead to some of the cloves going green. They can be used as normal, but they are unlikely to store well.

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