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Sprouting and Microgreen Seed List

Fruit Hill Farm Sprouting and Microgreen Seed List.  All organic seeds!

Please note that some seeds are best only grown as microgreens and are marked (*suitable for microgreens only) accordingly.

Alfalfa  -  Alfalfa is one of the most popular seeds for sprouting. Alfalfa sprouts are crisp, their taste fresh and light - almost like crisp lettuce.  Very delicate sprout.

Beetroot  *-  Beetroot seeds grow as a micro-green and add colour and interest to your salads. They have a lovely earthy taste and are quick and easy to grow.

Broccoli Calabrese  -  Broccoli Calabrese (Brassica oleracea botrytis cymosa) is a mild seed for sprouting which is packed with nutrition.

Black Tuscany Kale  -  Organic Black Tuscany kale seeds for sprouting or growing micro greens. These seeds give a very dark sprout with a hint of mustard and are full of nutrition.

Pink Kale  -  The sprouts resemble a lighter red version of cabbage sprouts with a distinct Kale flavour. For sprouting or use as micro-greens.

Red Kohlrabi  -  Red Kohlrabi seeds produce a sprout with a mild, sweet flavour that goes great in salads and stir frys.  Colourful red stems.

Red Cabbage  -  Mild cabbage flavoured sprout.  Stunning colour!

Rape brassica napus  -  Organic Rape sprouts are rich in nutrients and taste. You only get the full advantage of the many nutrients when you eat rape sprouts raw, as vitamins and antioxidants are heat-sensitive.

Chickpea  -  ChickPea makes a delicious nutty sprout. A very easy bean to sprout.   Can be used for raw Hummus.

Red Clover  -   Red Clover seed makes a very nutritious sprout that is very easy to grow and has a lovely delicate flavour.

Coriander *  -  Coriander makes a very tasty microgreen that is full of flavour. Easy to grow.  Slow to germinate.

Cress (mustard) *  -  Mustard is a very fast grower which must not be soaked as it is mucilaginous.

Fine Leaf Cress* -  Easy microgreen to grow on the windowsill so you will always have something fresh to eat

Fenugreek  -  Fenugreek sprouts are very good for the lymphatic system . Will help with milk production if you are lactating.

Mung Beans  -  Very easy and popular sprout.  The munch with a crunch!

Puy Lentils  -  Lentils are a good choice for the sprouting novice, as they're unfussy to grow and are among the most versatile sprouts in the kitchen. Puy lentils are particularly flavoursome.

Pea *  -  Grow as pea shoots. The shoots have a delicious, nutty and distinct sweet pea-like flavour and are high in vitamins.

Radish Daikon  -  White radish sprouts with good flavour – sprout or microgreen.

Radish Red Rambo  -  For sprouting or microgreens.  Dark purple stems and leaves – good flavour.

Radish China Rose  -  Very attractive with delicate pale pink stems.  China Rose sprouts have a crisp, succulent texture and a spicy radish-like flavour with a mild sweetness.

Sunflower *  -  Sunflower seeds will give you a good crop of microgreens. They have a lovely nutty taste and good texture and are very easy to grow at home.

Onion  -  Onion sprouts have long thin white and green stems which are often capped with the black seed shell from which they sprouted from. Good onion flavour – can be grown as a microgreen.

Rocket *  -  Microgreen - must not be soaked as it is mucilaginous. Quick and easy to grow.

Wheat  -  For sprouting or wheatgrass .

The world of Microgreens - from Origin Green at Bloom 2018

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