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Farmers Markets & Honesty Boxes for Seasonal Gluts

It's that time of year again when you may find yourself with a glut of produce - be it tomatoes, cucumbers, apples potatoes or something else - there's only so much preserving you can do at home - so it's worth considering setting up a stall at your local farmers market or even a simple honesty box so your neighbours or passers by can buy some of your extra produce off you.

Farmers Markets

Some farmers markets, like the Bantry market close to us here at Fruit Hill Farm, have been going on for as long as people can remember, whilst many are relatively new. With such a growing interest and concern in sustainability, buying local and supporting local home grown industries and individuals many markets around the country are a  hub of industry.

You can find a very comprehensive list of farmers markets and in Ireland on the Bord Bia site HERE along with the contact details of the person in charge of each market.

If you can't find a market near you - you could think about setting one up yourself - with such positive attitudes towards the homegrown and homemade you may find a thriving year round market for your local market! You can find some more information on setting up your own market on the Country Markets website HERE

Honesty Boxes

You don't need much to make an honesty box - a box for your produce or goods, a money box, a price list, maybe an eye catching sign and, most importantly, a bit of faith in people's honesty! If you haven't come across an honesty box before it's the practice of setting up an unattended stall / area where you sell your goods to passers by -  you rely on your customers honesty to leave the money requested for goods bought.

You can leave your honesty box set up in a suitable location where it will catch the attention of passing traffic - both cars and people - and hopefully make you a few extra Euro from your extra produce.

If you're stuck for ideas for you honesty box, try having a look at Pinterest for some inspiration.


If these options don't appeal to you - and you still need to deal with your late summer glut - have a look at some of our other articles on the blog about dealing with a glut.

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