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Top Ten Organic Bulbs

Conventionally produced flower bulbs are one of the most polluted crops in horticulture and are heavily sprayed with Neonicotinoids.  Research has focussed on the impact of these insecticides on honey bees. The chemicals have been found to impair bees’ communication, homing and foraging ability, flight activity and immune systems. These all have an impact on the bees' ability to survive. Neonicotinoids also have a huge effect on butterflies, moths, insects, birds, fish and soil life.  Planting organic bulbs will ensure your garden is enjoyed by all its users.

These are the top ten most popular bulbs this season.

Bridal Crown Daffodil

Bridal Crown is a stunning double daffodil. The 4cm wide, cream and white flowers have a double heart of orange-yellow petals. The smell of the flower is sweet and strong making them very suitable as cut flowers.  (see photo at top of the page)

Ad Rem Tulip

Ad Rem Tulip has a large bowl shaped flower when fully opened. The red veining in the yellow edge is quite stunning. Featuring a long stem and large flowers. Ad Rem is excellent for cutting. Very eye catching in sunlight.

Ad Rem was registered as a variety in the 1960's and was very popular then due to the pop-art nature of its vibrant colour. 'Ad Rem' means bright and perky or witty in Dutch.

Salvo Tulip

Salvo is a real stunner! The soft white petals are edged with hot fuchsia-red.

Crocus Flower Record

Flower Record is the classic purple crocus with a pale white throat that's visible on bright sunny days. The flowers are also a great source of early nectar and pollen for bees.

Turkestancia Tulip

Not the usual tulip!  Turkestancia are botanical/species tulips - that is wild species in contrast to hybridised varieties. Originally from the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and the Caucasus, they naturalize well.  In the right position they will build up a small colony over time.  Tulip Turkestancia is a heritage tulip from 1875 and features multiple star-shaped, ivory flowers with orange-yellow bases



Allium Christophi

Christophii are also called Star of Persia. They produce huge globes of small star-shaped, pinkish-purple flowers in early summer above narrow, grey-green leaves. In bloom these fabulous globes - up to 20cm in diameter - have a metallic sheen. Allium Christophii are easy to grow.

Camassia White

Camassia Sacajawea has lovely soft white flowers which look very attractive amongst grass. Camassia are easy to grow will make a bold statement in any garden.  They are one of the most tolerant and long-lived bulbs you can grow


Recurvus Daffodil

This is a really eye catching daffodil with soft white petals with a deep red eye. Also called Pheasant Eye, Narcissus Recurvus has a delicious sent and will flower mid to late spring. Very tolerant of most soil conditions and performs better in moist/wet conditions than other narcissus.

Deshima Tulip

The classic tulip -  a lovely rich dark red tulip with yellow base. Will stand well in the ground or as a cut flower.

Yokohoma Tulip

Yokohama is a stunning bright yellow colour and is one of the most cheerful tulips in mid spring. Beautiful cup shaped blooms and very strong stems to withstand wind and rain. Organic Tulip Yokohama is also scented and stands well.

No rush but they are selling well - and when they're gone...they're gone!




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