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Klasmann organic compost for reliable results

Unfortunately, not all composts are created equally and unfortunately you only discover this when you have poor germination.  Valuable time has been lost and there will be no early tomatoes or cabbages.  As with all things in life you get what you pay for - cheap compost=poor results.

The only way to get consistent and reliable results is to use a consistent and reliable compost.  In our experience the only compost that delivers consistency, traceability, reliability time after time is Klasmann-Deilmann

What’s so great about Klasmann?

Good strong plugs with Klasmann compost.
  • Organic Certification DE021
  • Consistent texture
  • Reliable – always delivers great results
  • Peat Free Seed tested for pathogens
  • Traceable – each batch number (printed on the side of the bag) can be traced and if any problems occur can then be analysed
  • Peat Free Seed is approved for organic wheatgrass and micro-green production
  • Peat Free Potting is approved for organic potted herbs and ornamental plants
  • Full disclosure – all inputs can be traced via the batch number
  • Available as Seed, Potting, peat-free Seed, peat-free Potting and Blocking composts.
  • Available in 70 ltr bags or pallets.

Organic substrates differ from conventional substrates in two important criteria:

  1.  No synthetic mineral fertilisers and additives are allowed in organic substrates. Possible sources of raw materials are plant and animal residual material, or naturally-occurring mineral materials, such as raw phosphate or potash-magnesia salt.
  2. The amount of peat in the composition of organic substrates has often been reduced. Generally, this means a 20 - 30 % volume peat replacement for seedling substrates, and 50 % volume peat replacement for potting substrates.

The main ingredients of Klasmann composts are -

 TerrAktiv or Green Compost

Since the early 1990s, Klasmann has been operating its own composting facilities at which residual green waste is recycled and processed into compost suitable for substrates. During the rotting process, this green waste is enriched by biodynamic preparations which ensure that micro-organism activity is stimulated. Specially added predative mites support the biological suppression of Sciarid fly.

White Peat and Black Peat

Klasmann only obtains peat from peat bogs that were drained decades ago, when this process was still a politically and socially accepted practice.

White peat consists mainly of a mixture of moderately decomposed remains of different species of peat mosses. Black peat consists of highly decomposed residues of different species of mosses and herbs. The fibres in black peat are longer leading to higher water retention properties

Green Fibre

GreenFibre is a high-quality, thermally and physically processed wood fibre. In combination with high-grade raw peat materials, GreenFibre is an ideal component of structurally stable growing media. This special wood fibre is produced in Klasmann’s own plants in Germany.  GreenFibre promotes rapid, healthy root development, increases the air capacity and ensures long-term structural stability of the substrate. It also optimises drainage, improves re-wetting, and reduces the risk of algae during the cultivation period as the surface of the substrate dries off quicker.

Coir Pith

Coir Pith is a relatively new product. It is the layer of corky material between the fibre and the shells of coconuts. It has been recognised as a very suitable growing medium with excellent air porosity and as good a water retention capacity as peat. Coco coir reduces the occurrence of diseases, lowers maintenance requirements, increases water retention and oxygenates roots.


Organic Compost has a shorter shelf life than conventional compost as it degrades.  Please store in cool, dark place and once opened close the bag to prevent infestation from the sciarid fly.  Will keep for up to three months.








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