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Cover and protect with netting

Birds, rabbits and insects are unfortunately very efficient pests and will polish off a crop of strawberries or cabbages before you can blink.  Netting is the answer - but the trick is to get the right netting for the job. It is important to consider the size of the net mesh and the strength.

You can either hold netting down with bags of gravel or stones  or make things easy for yourself and use our steel pins. They are 20cm long, made from steel and come in packs of 10 or boxes of 100. Can also be used to hold down drip-pipe irrigation. Strong and sturdy - will last many seasons.

Butterfly/Pigeon Netting

Butterfly/pigeon netting

Mesh dimensions 5mm x 7mm.  Available sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 metre widths - 10m lengths or 100m rolls.

Will provide protection against large birds and butterflies.  Will keep rabbits out if well secured. Will last many seasons.

Pigeons  -  attack a wide range of plants, but seem particularly keen on the leaves of brassicas (such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbages and cauliflower), cherries, and peas.

Butterflies  -  adult butterflies do not cause any damage to plants. However, their larvae do.  Butterflies can wriggle through normal bird netting.

Large cabbage white larvae (yellow and black patterned caterpillars) will destroy small brassica plants and severely damage larger plants. Large infestations can often defoliate whole brassica crops if left untreated.

Small cabbage white larvae (green caterpillars) feed singly and will often burrow deep into head forming brassicas causing holes and contaminating leaves with excrement.

Bird/Pond Netting

Mesh dimensions 20mm x 20mm.  Available sizes 4x10m, 4x25m, 6x25m, 6x50m, 8x25m, 8x50m, 10x50m

Can be used to protect fruit or vegetables from birds and rabbits. Can also be used for pond net to protect fish against predators and to keep leaves from falling into the water.

Heavy Duty Anti-Bird Netting

Heavy duty anti-bird netting

Mesh dimensions 22mm x 22mm.  Available sizes 10m x 50m, 8m x 50m, 4m x 10m, 4m x 25m, 6m x 50m

Professional quality, strong anit-bird netting - heavy duty - 27gr/m2 .    Due to the large mesh size pollinators, bees and other insects can be allowed in to pollinate fruit whilst nuisance birds can be kept out. Will also protect ponds from debris and prevent fish loss to herons and other large birds.

Will last many years - very durable making it ideal for fruit cages.

Bionet Insect Netting

Mesh dimensions: 1.2 x 1.4mm.  Available as garden sheets, 2.6m x 5t or 2.6m x 10m.  Also in widths: 2.6m/4.15m/5.6m x 100m or 10m.

The very small mesh size is designed to stop carrot and cabbage fly. Will also protect crops from hail and wind damage, bird or rabbit attacks and reduces soil erosion.  Will last many years.

Crop Cover/Climate net

Available in widths of 2m, 4m or 6m by 10m.  10m lengths of 100m rolls.

Crop cover

An alternative to the one season fleece this will provide protection from rabbits, birds, butterflies, large insects, small children, rain, hail and frost.  Due to its knitted construction it is very strong and will last several years. UV stabilised.

Recent independent research in Belgium has shown it also protects against carrot rootfly and cabbage rootfly. Crop cover can be doubled to give greater frost protection. Promotes advanced cropping due to the ideal microclimate it creates.  Permeable to water and air. Higher light transmission than fleece - 87% light permeability.

Wind Break Netting

Available in heights of 1m, 1.5m, and 2m. Full 50m rolls or 10m lengths.

This strong and long lasting netting is ideal for exposed areas or to protect young plants. Made from high density polyethylene with eyelets for easy attachment.  Can also be used on the doors of polytunnels to increase air circulation. Available in heights of 1m, 1.5m, and 2m in full 50m rolls or 10m lengths.

Protecting a large area

Professional Hawk Kite


Protecting a large area is difficult - but we have a solution in the form of a self launching bird scaring kite.  The kite mimics birds of prey spooking other birds and making them less likely to settle on your crop. This large realistic kite has flexible wings that adjust to wind speed and is specially designed to swoop and dive like a real falcon. Protects between one and five acres depending on crop.

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