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If you have a polytunnel you will know how long it takes to water your produce.  Why not install an irrigation system and free up all that time that you spend watering?

Drip Irrigation

Perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to water your crops is with a drip irrigation system where pipes are laid along the ground and water seeps out of spaced holes directly where your plants need the moisture.  For as little as approx. €85 you could irrigate an 8 mt tunnel.  You can also add to or change the layout of your system whenever you wish.

Benefits of drip irrigation -

  1. Improved plant growth, as there is continuous soil moisture which penetrates deep into the root zone.
  2. Efficient use of water since less is wasted by evaporation and leaching.
    irrigation fittings Inline dripper fittings - very easy to take apart and re-assemble.
  3. Reduced nutrient loss from over-watering and leaching.
  4. Weed growth is reduced since you're only watering along the crop rows.
  5. Foliage remains dry, reducing the risk of disease.
  6. Can be used with low pressure systems such as a rain water tank.
  7. Low cost to purchase.
  8. Drip irrigation systems saves time and water.


In addition to the pipes and connectors, a battery powered timer and a water filter can be useful to keep your system running reliably even when you're away for a few days.

knockvicar cat Inline dripper irrigation

We are happy to help you work out your system -  so give us a call on 027 50710 to discuss your requirements and we'll help make sure you get a suitable setup.

Overhead and ground sprinkler systems

Some people prefer overhead sprinkler systems since they don't get in the way on the ground and can provide an even supply of water across a large area. They're great for a tunnel full of salad crops that don't mind getting wet and require water across the entire ground surface.

Overhead and ground sprinkler systems require much greater pressure and flow than drip systems, so don't install one without first checking your water pressure and flow. Contact us to discuss if your water supply meets the requirements. We have a selection of high quality sprinkler heads for ground and overhead mounting.

Watering lances

Watering lances make hand-watering with a hosepipe much easier. The water is delivered right where you want it -  without bending down or blasting the soil and roots with water being sprayed from a big distance. Our  Professional Geka lance  offers excellent build quality and reliability - very easy to use.

Geka watering lance Geka watering lance

Geka Brass fittings

Brass taps for ther garden, geka couplings

Geka couplings are an exceptional range whose solid dependability has converted professional users the world over. Selected from the very best materials, they are subject to strict quality control, ensuring you get the best finished product. This is why there is no better selection for coupling, extending hoses and pipelines than using a Geka type professional coupling. They are an excellent investment for the home gardener and the trade professional.


Watering Equipment

We have a very large range of watering equipment  - from hose pipes to sprayers to capillary matting and rotary sprinklers.  Please see our web site for more information.


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