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Top Ten Hand Tools

Unlike the bigger tools such as spades and forks hand tools are a more personal thing and are often appreciated in different ways.  First and foremost the tool has to be correct one for the job – but there are other considerations such as weight, reach, versatility, appearance and the all important tactile nature of the handle.  All of these needs are addressed when buying a quality product from a reputable manufacturer who has spent time designing the tool with the end user in mind.   Quality tools are what Fruit Hill Farm sells and they will give you many years of use.  Here are our top ten favourites from this year:-

Sneeboer Raised Bed Leaf Rake

10  Sneeboer Raised Bed Leaf Rake Stainless nSteel

This raised bed leaf rake is a great size rake for removing leaves and debris from small confined spaces. Available with a short 14cm or longer 60cm handle.  Beautiful, small and rugged, this hand leaf rake from Sneeboer is the perfect garden tool when you on your knees and need to clean and remove debris .  Can be used anywhere a full size rake is just too much tool.


Glaser Handplanter

This right angle trowel is ergonomically designed to be easy on the wrist in contrast to most standard towels. The blade is made from stainless steel and is resistant to soil acid.  The Handplanter is shaped like hand bent downwards - for easy, clean planting.  Makes planting quick and easy - open soil, drop plant into hole, push soil back around plant.

Sneeboer Dandelion Digger Stainless Steel

Perfect tool for getting to those difficult tap root weeds and digging dandelions out of the lawn. Will not disturb the sward.  Light and easy to use - it will soon become part of your lawn care tool kit!

Copper Phoenix Hand Hoe


Copper Phoenix Hoe

Strong copper twin hoe. This vicious looking tool is very useful in between borders, shrubs or vegetables.  The two three-inch prongs can break up compacted soil and loosen weed roots.  The diamond head digs them out and the side of the blade tidies them out of the way.  The  head can also be  used to dig planting holes or make seed drills.

Copper Trowels

Copper Trowels

Very sharp copper trowels with beech handles.  Slugs do not seem to like copper.  It is not yet clear if the absence of a magnetic field or the trace elements released by the use of copper makes them feel uncomfortable.
Three Sizes
Standard Trowel.  Pointed generous blade - a must in any garden.
Potting Trowel.  Very handy for container gardening.  Has a scoop shaped blade, practical for working with loose, sandy soil or garden compost.
Narrow Trowel.  Very handy for container gardening and bulb planting due to its narrower blade. Can also use it to extract deep-rooted weeds such as dandelions, as the long narrow blade cuts deeply into the soil without disturbing the surrounding plants.

Felco No 2 Secateurs

Fellco 2

This is the classic Felco model, first lanched in 1948, often copied but never equalled. Once you've used Felco secateurs you won't want to go back to an inferior brand.  Appreciated by professional pruners for its strength, durability and quality.

Steel Twin Hand Hoe

Very useful solid hand tool that we have stocked for many, many years.  The Twin Hoe has a blade on one side and two pronged hoe on other side.  40cm ash handle.  Good strong  tool for weeding / hoeing / cleaning borders or beds.  Has many uses around the garden.

Sneeboer Wrotter Stainless Steel

Sneeboer Wrotter

The unique shaped and precisely angled head allows controlled weeding around established plants.  It is easy to push into the soil to loosen the roots of deep and tap rooted weeds allowing their removal rather than cutting them off.  The Wrotter is ideal for weeding in perennial ground cover plants.  The point  of the Wrotter can be used to relieve compaction and aid aeration to established plants like roses without having to carry numerous tools around the garden. Like all great tools it looks simple but takes Sneeboer engineering to make it work so well.

2 Sneeboer Great Dixter Planting Fork

Sneeboer Great Dixter Planting Fork

Do you need a tough garden fork, but a full size fork is just too big for working in those tighter spaces like your raised beds or flower beds? Then you’ll find this fork is the perfect size when you working on your knees turning the soil, adding amendments or even harvesting root vegetables.  The fork head enables you to weed in tight spaces whilst in a crouching position. The short handle length means it fits perfectly into the body when working with it giving greater leverage and power than a hand tool as a result of the length of the handle.

Copper Nunki Shuffle Weeder

The Copper Nunki Weeder

Simple and brilliant - top tool in the top spot!
This is an fantastic weeding tool. It has a beech handle and a sharp curved bronze blade.  The Nunki enables the gardener to scuffle the soil and loosen weed roots in a simple action. Can remove mat-forming weeds such as speedwell and chickweed from close to established plants without damaging them. The sharp edges enable the gardener to tidy up between rows of plants in a swift, sweeping action.


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