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Thoughtful gifting with a 20% discount

Gift ideas with a 20% discount for you and a big smile from the recipient!

Magnifier for insects etc

Magnifier - 10x magnifier for examining insects. €17 discounted to €13.60
• Lens 20mm diameter.
• Lightweight, pocket handy.

Rain Gauge

Rain Gauge - Handy instrument for measuring rainfall. €9.61 discounted to €7.68
• Large diameter for precise measuring. Easy to read
• Place directly into the ground or mount on a post.

Digital thermo/hygrometer

Digital Thermo/Hygrometer - Checks temperature in/outside and inside humidity. €23.80 discounted to €19.04
• When placed at the window, the sensor cable is led outside to measure the outdoor temperature.
• Large measuring range and waterproof sensor.

Winter gardening gloves
Sequoia Leather glove

Winter gardening glove Canada €8 discounted to €6.40
• Comfortable gloves for autumn and winter.
• Perfect for working in abrasive, cold and wet environments.

          Sequoia Leather gardening glove €16.95 discounted to €13.56
• Excellent quality leather garden glove as used by landscapers.
• Washable leather that will stay supple after drying.


Professional Swiss Sharpener

Istor Swiss sharpener Professional €35.90 discounted to €28.72
Tools for life! These are the best knife and blade sharpener you'll ever use!
• compact and easy to use
• cutting edges remain sharper for longer

Duplex Swiss sharpener  €53 discounted to €42.40
• Features both a sharpener and a grinding stone. Very useful and convenient due to its pocket size.
• Can be used by both right and left handed people.

Ridging Hoe    €35.60 discounted to €28.48
Heart handhoe    €26.49 discounted to €21.20
Planting Spade    €77.50 discounted to €62
Jumbo Thermometer   €54.30 discounted to €43.44
Koju Juicer    €49 discounted to €39.20
Farina mill  €134 discounted to €107.20

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