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Soil and plant nutrients - organic fertilisers

We supply Ireland's organic producers with a full range of organic fertilisers, plant and soil nutrients suitable for all conditions.

Granular fertilisers

Our range or specially selected granular fertiliser are approved for (restricted) use on organic holdings. They are slow release and feed the soil whilst being kind to micro-organisms.

greenvaleGreenvale Organic NPK Fertiliser

Nutrient content: 4.5 - 3 - 3 + 9% Ca

Greenvale is produced by aerobic fermentation of chicken manure from free range chicken. Continuous laboratory controlled monitoring is maintained and recorded, ensuring a sterile, safe product. Independent monitoring is undertaken by Public Analysts and production is subject to random testing by the UK Ministry of Agriculture.

Greenvale comes as 5mm pellets - offering accurate spreading with most spreaders.

Greenvale is GMO free and a UK Soil Association certified product for restricted use (requires justification as per Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland)

high-n_5HIGH N

High N (12%N) is an organic granular, fertiliser based on feather and malt waste. All the N is available within three months of application. Each granule also contains 1% phosphorus, 0.5% Potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace elements (Fe, B, Mo, Mn, Zn

High N is GMO free and approved for use in organic agriculture according to EU regulation 889/2008 (requires justification as per Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland)


DOLOPHOS P 11 is a granular mineral based product that provides slow release Phosphate throughout the growing season for use in Horticulture, Tillage and Grassland.  It also contains important secondary nutrients including 30% Calcium, 2% Magnesium (MgCO3). also Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Molybdenum.

Phosphate is vital for root growth and plant establishment.  Due to the gradual release High P matches crop uptake.

Symptoms of Phosphorus deficiency
- poor growth and root development
- leaves that turn blue/green and become stiff
- fruits small and acid tasting
- poor yield of fruit
Phosphorus deficiency may be confused with nitrogen deficiency.
Particularly susceptible are Carrots, Lettuce, Spinach, Apples, Currants and Gooseberries.

Application rate
Maintenance application appr. 2 - 3kg DOLOPHOS P 11 /100m2.
Tillage 200-400kg/ha
Grassland 200-300kg/ha
Higher application rates depend on the scale of the deficiency which can be determined by a soil test.

DOLOPHOS P 11 7% is soluble in a 2% formic acid solution

Approved for use on organic holdings subject to approval from your certification body.


High K

High K (26%K) is a granular, plant extract, that supplies 100% water soluble potash. Each granule contains 26% potassium, 8% sulphur and a range of trace elements (Mn, Cu, Zn,I,Mg).

Potassium (K) is vital to crop yield and quality and is usually the nutrient required in the largest amount compared to other major nutrients. It is also vital for flowering, colour, sugar formation and water balance.

High K does not contain chlorine, unlike synthetic sources of potash. Chlorine interferes with nitrogen uptake and can have an adverse impact on the microbial health of the soil. The potash in High K is much more readily available to the crop than rock potash which is not water soluble.

High K is GMO free and approved for use in organic agriculture according to EU regulation 889/2008 (requires justification as per Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland)



Patentkali is sulphate of Potash containing Magnesium.

Patentkali is a highly concentrated fertiliser containing the nutrients potassium, magnesium and sulphur in an ideal ratio:

  • 30 % K2O water-soluble potassium oxide (25%K)
  • 10 % MgO water-soluble magnesium oxide (6% Mg)
  • 17 % S water-soluble sulphur trioxide (17% S)

Patentkali is a unique, naturally occurring potash fertiliser from Germany where there are vast deposits underground. How was it created? Most of Central Europe was covered by an inland sea more than 250 million years ago, which was largely cut off from the open sea by shallow straits, known as Bars. Since a desert-like climate predominated at that time, the intensive solar radiation evaporated the water, like in a gigantic evaporating pan.

The salinity of the body of water increased until the dissolved minerals (carbonates, sulphates and chlorides) crystallized out and formed layers of potassic minerals. This led to the development of vast deposits, some of which are several hundred meters thick. As a result, we have a natural product at our disposal today that was created from pure sea water by the heat of the sun at a time when there was no pollution.

Patentkali is approved for use on Organic holdings (restricted input - requires justification as per Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland)


seaweed-dustSeaweed Dust

Seaweed Dust is a completely natural product made from Seaweed (mainly Ascophyllum Nodosum) which grows in the inter-tidal zones of rocky shores at the Irish Atlantic coast. Seaweed is unique in it's ability to absorb from the sea the abundant supply of minerals and trace elements.

The benefits of seaweed to the soil are well known - farmers in coastal areas have applied seaweed to potato and vegetable plots for centuries.

Seaweed Dust is an unaltered natural product which contains an unequalled range of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.

Seaweed Dust is GMO free and approved for use in organic agriculture according to EU regulation 889/2008

(requires justification as per Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland)


Trace Elements & Minor Nutrients

Minor Nutrients and Trace Elements are vital to plant growth - but are only needed in small amounts. Deficiencies should be identified by either soil or plant inspection and analysis.

Some of the major soil factors which can cause micronutrient deficiencies in crops are:

  • High soil pH levels
  • High salt content can adversely affect uptake
  • A high calcium carbonate content in the soil
  • Sandy or peaty soils with low nutrient content
  • Failure to add micronutrients to the soil in the wake of intensive cultivation

Our Trace Elements are GMO free and can be used in organic agriculture (requires approval from the Certification body - as per Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland)

Give us a call on 027 50710 to discuss your soil analysis and we can suggest appropriate organic approved products.


Liquid fertilisers

vinasseVinasse liquid - is a natural N(4.5) -K(6) fertiliser

Vinasse is a by-product of the sugar industry, made through fermentation of molasses. Vinasse liquid can be taken up by plant foliage immediately because the Nitrogen is available in protein form. The proteins together with the sugar residues have the additional effect of stimulating the micro-organisms in the soil. Due to the high potassium content Vinasse is very good for finishing crops.

Vinasse is GMO free and approved for the use in organic agriculture according to EU regulation 889/2008.


AMN ProPower (7-3-3) and 0.2% Fe

AMN ProPower contains fermented herbal plant substances. These organic materials improve the soil fertility and help to produce sturdy and healthy plants. They also provide an ideal mixture of the major nutrients and trace elements which are essential forstrong plants.

AMN ProPower plant food can be used for all types of plants - either through watering or by application through sprayer as a foliar feed. It is of particular benefit to young plants due to high nitrogen and low potassium.

Available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers.

1 litre of AMN Power fertiliser concentrate makes 200-300 litres of solution.

Dilution rate 2-5ml / litre water.

amn-verdeAMN Verde: Active Micro Nutrients - Complete organic plant food

AMN Verde is a liquid organic fertiliser made from pure natural organic and homoeopathic substances. It stimulates effective micro-organisms in the soil and helps to develop and enhance a healthy, balanced natural soil environment.

AMN Verde can be used for all types of plants, particularly: oleander, box tree, roses, rhododendron, citrus, herbs, annuals and perennials, orchids and all kitchen garden plants. It contains major nutrients and trace elements which are vital for plant nutrition. One of these is a large molecular form of natural iron contained in the bark of fir trees. This product has been composed in such way that in its effect on plants it is very similar to the fertile humus of the rain forest.

Typical analysis: N 1,5% - P 0,2% - K 0,3% - Fe 0,3%

AMN Verde is GMO free and certified organic: ECOCERT DE - 024


bona-vitaBona Vita Bac

Bona Vita Bac is plant strengthening agent fortified with Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens AMN18

Bona Vita Bac has been formulated to nourish beneficial micro-organisms and mycorrhizal fungi in the soil. This leads to a well balanced, healthy soil environment for all plants and boosts the plants immune system.

Strong and healthy plants are better able to withstand attacks from pests and diseases. Bona Vita Bac has the ability to turn existing accumulated plant-unavailable mineral salts (a consequence of mineral fertilisation methods) into plant accessible nutrients. fertiliser applications can be reduced by 30%. The effectiveness of Bona Vita Bac shows in vigorous root growth.

The Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens contained in Bona Vita Bac is a plant-associated bacterium, which stimulates plant growth and forms a symbiotic relationship with the plants roots.

Typical Analysis in dry matter (3% DM): N 5.9% - P 1.2% - K 2.0 %

Bona Vita Bac is GMO free and certified organic - ECOCERT DE - 024

seaweed-extractConcentrated Liquid Seaweed Extract

Concentrated Liquid Seaweed Extract is made from seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum) freshly harvested off the Irish Atlantic coast. Naturally it contains growth-promoting substances and is therefore a useful supplement to all fertiliser programmes in agriculture and horticulture.

The result: applied fertilisers are made more effective and nutrients locked in the soil are released. Because of increased Photosynthesis and formation of carbohydrates the plant cells are strengthened. Such naturally healthier plants are better able to withstand disease and stress.

Liquid Seaweed is certified organic IE-ORG-03


AMN Fusek

AMN Fusek innovation 2011 is a plant fortifier which improves health and vigour of plants. In the future horticulture will increasingly rely on plant strengthening. Strong and flourishing plants are more successful to cope with stress symptoms and stay healthy. AMN Fusek can be applied with the usual techniques used for liquids.

AMN Fusek can be used for all plant types. It is recommended for use in orchards, kitchen gardens, viniculture as well as almost all types of ornamental plantations. AMN Fusek is free of synthetic chemicals, causes no harm to the environment and is safe for animals and children.
AMN Fusek is harmless to beneficial organisms.

AMN Fusek is a special mixture of plant and compost extracts as well as homoeopathic agents.
The treated plants absorb AMN Fusek but do not take on the flavour. Sugar levels in wine, berries and other fruit tend to increase by 10 -20%. Midges, mosquitoes and wasps can be kept at bay for weeks if surrounding bushes and shrubs are treated with AMN Fusek leaving you to fully enjoy your gardening.

Optifer iron supplement

Liquid organic iron supplement from plant sources. 6% Fe++ organic chelate 3,5 % S 0,1%M  0,1% Mg.

Optifer contains pseudomonas fluorescence. This bacteria has been shown to induce systemic resistance in the host plant, so it can better resist attack by pathogens. Optifer is less toxic than synthetic Iron.

Myko Activ Bio

Myko Activ Bio 7-3-7 is a natural fertiliser and soil activator with mycorrhizal fungi

Myko Aktiv Bio contains living mycorrhizal fungi. Most plants have a symbiotic relation with these natural funghi. This means the plants benefit from the fungi while the fungus is supplied with nutrients by the plant. mycorrhiza form a very dense mycelium root network around the roots of the host plant. This network transports water and nutrients to the plant andmyko-activ enhances the plants metabolic processes. The plant roots get an extra growth stimulation.

Myko Aktiv Bio contains plant based waste from food processing, living mycorrhiza (Globus sp) on substrate, micro-organisms, hornmeal, vinasse.

What are effects of mycorrhizal Symbiosis on plant-soil system?

  • Increased efficacy of nutrient acquisition, plant growth, flower formation and crop yield.
  • Enhanced resistance to drought, environmental stress and some root pathogens.
  • Reduced plant mortality after transplantation.
  • Improved plant fitness in stressed environment.
  • Positive effects on soil aggregation and stability and soil water retention.

Myko Aktiv Bio is GMO free and certified organic - ECOCERT DE - 024



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