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'Morado' Organic Garlic (Autumn planting)

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'Morado' Organic Garlic (Autumn planting)

Price From: €5.25

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Good size (35mm+) regular purple bulbs with attractive white markings. More details including number of bulbs per kg below.

Available from Mid September 2019

Can be pre ordered now, but make a separate order for goods you would like delivered now!

 Planting garlic, Autumn onion sets and Autumn planting flower bulbs can be preordered together for shipping after the 15th of September.

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Price From: €5.25



Morado Autumn Planting Garlic

Large and strong in flavour, its bulbs are a mix of purple and brown.

This hardneck garlic can have anything between ten and twelve cloves each:

  • Overwintering planting Garlic.
  • Excellent taste and stores well.
  • Morado means purple, referring to the purplish-brown colouring of the cloves.
  • Spanish garlic species with purple-red toes.
  • Contains high amounts of the substance allicin, the "natural" penicillin.
  • Planting time: September to January
  • Requires cold conditions to develop.
  • Highest yields will come from autumn plantings.
  • When the first six leaves have turned yellow, lift and dry in the sun or in an airy shed.
  • Harvesting June – August

Number of bulbs

  • 250g = 4-5 bulbs
  • 1kg = 16 to 20 bulbs

(You will separate each bulb into several cloves which you plant individually)

Certified organic

Rust -

  • Infection is worse on nitrogen-rich soils with low potassium, so take care with fertiliser applications
  • Do not crowd plants, as this raises humidity and increases the likelihood of infection
  • Keep well weeded
  • Dispose of all plant debris at the end of cropping
  • See Herfomyc – this is effective against any fungus on herbaceous plants.  Also acts as a foliar feed so will strengthen the plant as well

Disease Prevention  (general)

Watering: Don’t water in the evening/night as this moisture will linger overnight and allow the perfect environment for fungus to creep in – water in the morning so the plants can dry out throughout the day

Soil: If you have heavy clay soils, you can do things like add sand,compost, and plant your garlic in mounds.

Tools: When dealing with any type of plant disease it’s important to sterilise your tools/materials that came into contact with it

Crop Rotation: To prevent lots of different soil diseases, rotate your vegetable families each season.


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