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Organic Dahlia Rocco

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Organic Dahlia Rocco

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Vibrant purple pompom dahlia.  Pack ofOrganic Dahlia Tuber three tubers.  More details below.

Flower size   5-10cm
Height to        90cm



Organic Pompom Dahlia Rocco

Fabulous pompom  purple blooms which are sure to add a new dimension to any garden. Each flower head is made up of layers of silky, inwardly curved petals creating a perfectly formed sphere. Tall sturdy stems provide excellent support.  Rocco is very good as a cut flower so plant more than you need!

Flower size   5-10cm
Height to         90cm

Three Tubers per pack.

Organic Dahlia Rocco planting instructions –

DAHLIAS are easy to grow and will add some wonderful colours to your garden. They are tolerant of a wide range of soil types and situations but perform best in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun.  Prepare the soil using compost, well rotted manure or a general NPK fertilizer.

  • Tubers can either be started off in large pots of quality organic potting compost in April and planted out after all risk of frost is over in May/June; or planted directly were they are to flower in May/June.
  • Tubers should be planted 10-15cm deep.
  • Stake as required and pinch out shoots to promote bushiness (see pruning and training below)
  • Keep well-watered and once flowers appear feed with a high potash liquid feed every two weeks from July to early September.
  • Watch out for slugs!  Dahlias are quite a favourite.
  • Once the plants have died back in autumn/winter you can either lift and store the tubers or leave in situ  and cover with a thick layer of compost or leaf mould to protect from frost.
  • Click HERE for more detailed growing instructions.

Certified Organic NL-Bio -01

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