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Egyptian Clover/Westerwolds Annual Silage Ley

Egyptian Clover/Westerwolds Annual Silage Ley

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Egyptian Clover and Westerwolds mix. 1 year ley. Very fast growing and high yielding mixture for fodder and catch crop use. 10kg Bag. 100% organic. More details below.

Seeding Rate:     40kg/ha     16kg/acre

Organic summer silage ley



Organic Summer Silage Ley with 60% Egyptian Clover and 40% Westerwolds Ryegrass

  • Grows very fast and gives a high yield of protein rich fodder in a very short time.
  • Because of the high percentage of clover this mix is very suitable as a greenmanure.
  • Egyptian Clover grows well in Ireland as it likes plenty of moisture.
  • Suited for normal to heavy soils.
  • Can be frost killed in a cold winter.
  • 100% Organic.

Egyptian Clover (Trifolium alexandrinum)

Egyptian Clover, or Berseem Clover, is a quick growing summer crop that produces a lot of growth when plenty of moisture and some warmth is present. As such, it is highly productive in a typical Irish summer and is often used with an annual ryegrass for silage and hay production. This fast growing combination also makes an excellent catch crop. It has a high growing point so is not suitable for grazing unless you want to get rid of it.

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