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This is a Botanical tulip producing several flowers per stem.  Has a delicate wildflower look. The interior is white with an orange-yellow centre and the exterior is brushed gray-violet. 10 organic bulbs per pack.Organic Botanical tulip



Organic Tulip Turkestancia.  Species or Botanical tulip

The terms "species tulips" and "botanical tulips" refer to wild species in contrast to hybridised varieties. Originally from the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and the Caucasus, they naturalize well.  In the right position they will build up a small colony over time.

Tulip Turkestancia is a heritage tulip from 1875 and features multiple star-shaped, ivory flowers with orange-yellow bases.  It is better not to lift them as disturbing them every year will interrupt their natural inclination to increase.  They naturallize well and look very good in wild areas or show-cased in pots.

Ten bulbs per pack.

Organic Tulip Turkestancia planting instructions-

Height: 20cm
Spread: 10cm
Time to plant: September to November,  10cm deep.
Flowering:  April -May
After flowering feed with a balanced fertiliser and allow the leaves to die back naturally

Certified Organic NL-Bio -01

Tips for Growing Botanical/Species Tulips

  • In the wild, many of these Tulips will rest in very dry soil during the summer. Make sure your soil is well-drained. Add plenty of sharp grit if necessary.
  • For a natural look, try scattering bulbs and planting them where they fall.
  • As with other tulips, leave dying foliage for at least six weeks after flowering.
  • To encourage naturalizing don't deadhead the flowers.
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