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Permanent Pasture 47 with herbs 1kg

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Permanent Pasture 47 with herbs 1kg

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For all soils and uses. 77% Organic ingredients.  More details below.

Available by the kilo.  Suitable for hen or pig pasture as well as general grazing.



PERMANENT PASTURE 47  - for all soils and uses  77% Organic ingredients. 1kg bags - will cover 250sq.m

Balanced mixture with a good variety of grasses, clovers and herbs.  Suitable for new pastures or pasture repairs.  High yielding, arable fodder, beneficial for animal health.

  • Suitable for general grazing, silage, hay.
  • Can also be used as hen or pig pasture pasture.
  • Available in 10kg bags or by the kilo
  • Seed rate 40kg/ha (16kg/acre)
  • 1kg will cover 250sq.m

Clovers 15%:

Low Grasses 38%:

Tall Grasses 42%:

Herb Mixture 5%

White Clover 3%

White Clover 2% *                  

Red Clover Diploid 5%*     

Alsike Clover 5%



Per. Ryegrass 15%

Red Fescue  15%*

Smooth Meadowgrass 8%   



* Organic

Timothy 20%*

Meadow Fescue10%*            

Tall Oatgrass 2%

 Festulolium 10%

Burnet, Parsley

Caraway, Fennel

Chicory, Wild Carrot          

Anthyllis, Ribgrass

Trefoil, Yarrow


If you have any questions please ring Elmer on 02750710 for more information.

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