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Garden Lime

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Garden Lime

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Calcitic Lime 95% CaCO3 for mild PH adjustment, soil loosening and soil structure improvement. Approved for use in organic agriculture.

Available in 4kg and 20kg bags. More details below.

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Price From: €4.31



Garden Lime - Calcitic lime 95% CaCO3

Grain size: 0.3-1.2 mm

General application rate: 50-100g / m2

For most soils, a pH value between 6 and 7 is optimal. For annual compensation - light soils 4-6kg/100m², medium clay 10-15kg/100m², hard clay 20-25kg/100m². When composting sprinkle about 10 kg / m³ of compost material.

  • Neutralizes acids in soil that would get out of hand without liming from degradation and leaching.
  • Activates soil life and eliminates soil exhaustion. Will increase the activity of micro-organisms in the soil and consequently improve fertility
  • Loosens heavy soils and makes them easier to work. With the right lime content in the soil, the other nutrients become fully effective because water air and heat circulation are optimal. Calcium opens clayey soils, Magnesium will make it more sticky.
  • Regular liming will help reduce the moss on your lawn as the drainage is improved and the soil life stimulated.
  • Calcium deficiency can lead to typical damage symptoms such as blossom end rot in tomatoes, bitter pit in apples or black-heart in celery – regular application of Lime will help combat these problems.
  • The main ingredient in calcitic lime is calcium carbonate. It counteracts the acidification of field soil. Acidification is the natural result of nitrogen heavy fertilizing practices. By adding a lime treatment, you can undo the damage caused by nitrogen treatments without counteracting the benefits.
  • Most soils only need calcitic lime as their magnesium levels are already optimal. For most applications, calcitic lime is best. But you should always double-check the mineral content in your soil just to be sure. For Lime which also has magnesium, please click HERE for Dolomite Lime.
  • Approved for use on organic holdings subject to approval from your certification body.
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