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Radish Daikon Minowase

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Radish Daikon Minowase

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Japanese Mooli type radish. Forms long white roots with a mild taste More details below.



Radish Daikon Minowase

  • Sow in succession for a long supply.
  • Resistant to mosaic virus, fusarium
  • Good heat tolerance and moderate bolt resistance
  • Excellent quality for both fresh market and home garden.
  • Plant a small crop every two weeks to guarantee a continuous harvest.
  • Fast-growing even in the cool, shortening days of autumn.
  • Sow from March in rows 15 cm apart. Ready for harvest after 4-6 weeks.
  • They excel in cooked preparations, especially stir-fries and roasts, where their flesh is tender, buttery, and mild. Can be grated with a little sesame oil or soy sauce to make a tasty garnish or can be cooked like turnips or pickled.
  • Best suited for cultivation during the summer and autumn months.

250 seeds Cert. Org.(GB-ORG-06)

For more information please see our BLOG post on radishes.



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