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Rum Pot

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Rum Pot

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Decorative 3.5L Rumpot. Will make the winter shorter. More details below.



Rum Pot

A beautiful rum pot with lid and water trough. The tradition of the Rumtopf in Germany goes back centuries as a way to preserve fruits of the season. Now it has become a favourite way to celebrate any special occasion or to enjoy whenever you want the taste of delicious fruit soaked in rum.

  • Decorated with fruit motif.
  • Has a natural glaze that is easy to clean.
  • The special feature of this rum pot is its water trough and lid, which allows the fruit to be sealed air-tight and prevents the development of odours or mold.

How to make Rumtopf

Ingredients -
1. Fresh fruit (500g)
2. Sugar to taste
3. Good quality (unflavoured) dark rum to cover the fruit by 3cms

Start with your favorite fresh fruit.  Choose fruit which is ripe (not over-ripe) and full of flavour.

Ideal fruits are:
Pineapple (remove rind & core and cut in large cubes)
Cherries (any variety, stemmed and pitted)
Apricots (halves, pitted)
Nectarines (halves, pitted)
Peaches (remove pits and cut in halves, quarters, or slices)
Pears (cored, peeled & sliced)
Plums (remove seed and half or quarter)
Grapes (sweet seedless red or green grapes are ideal)
Strawberries (don't wash, just remove stem & leaves).  Strawberries will soften and lose their bright red color as the soak up the rum.
Raspberries (don't wash). Raspberries will lose some of their bright red color.
Red currants (removed from stem)
Gooseberries (remove stems)
The following fruits are not recommended -
Blackberries or Blueberries (they can be bitter and can discolor the other fruits)
Watermelon and Cantaloupe chunks (can make the mixture watery)
Rhubarb (can make mixture sour)
Bananas (too mushy)
Citrus (too acidic)
Apples (take on an odd texture)


  • Wash and dry the inside of the Rumtopf. Wash and dry the first chosen fruit.  Remove any stems, seed and pits.
  • Place 500gm fruit and a sprinkling sugar into the Rumtopf.
  • Pour in enough rum to cover the fruit by at least one inch.
  • Cover the opening of the Rumtopf with plastic (to avoid evaporation) and place the lid firmly on top. 
  • Store in a cool place away from heat and direct sunlight.
  • Every month add an additional layer of fruit.
  • For each additional layer of fruit follow the instructions above.
  • Throughout the summer, repeat the process for each new fruit layer until your Rumtopf is full.
  • If all the fruit you want to use is available on the same day, you may fill up the Rumtopf with layers of fruit and sugar and rum.
  • Allow the entire mixture to sit for another 4 to 6 weeks. 
  • Serve with ice cream or make into cocktails - great at Christmas.


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