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Sanlight S2W LED light - 62W

Sanlight S2W LED light - 62W

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Highly efficient illumination solution for smaller indoor breeding projects. Sanlight LED light - 62W incl. converter and hanging clips.  More details below.



LED Grow Light

The SANlight S2W is a powerful LED Grow Light for the all-year-round production of microgreens, wheatgrass and salads. It is suitable for all stages of propagation.

  • The Sanlight S2W has a length of 450 mm which makes it suitable for a small indoor plant production. This can be growing of Wheatgrass or Microgreens during winter when normal light levels are insufficient.Can also be used for the propagation of plants (tomatoes, cucumbers etc) in early spring - to have plants ready for early planting in a greenhouse.
  • The S2W LED Grow Light is also suitable for commercial growers of e.g. Microgreens:  several lights mounted together create a production area which can be easily extended depending on customer demand.
  • The light emits a wavelength of between 400 - 760 nm - which is the light range plants use for Photosynthesis. It is very close to sunlight - therefore the SANlight S2W is suitable for all stages of propagation, growing or (winter) plant maintenance.
  • In addition, the warm-white light colour creates a natural light situation (some LED lights emit red or blue light only). The plants can be inspected in their natural colour. Possible pest infestation can be detected in time.
  • Whatever little heat is produced by the power consumption of only 62 W is cooled down through passive cooling by the solid Aluminium body of the lamp. Most of the electric energy is turned into plant available light - which is proven by a module efficiency of 2,9 µmol/J.
  • With a PPF of 173 µmol/J and a PPFD of 550 µmol (35 cm distance) the SANlight S2W is one of the best LED lights on the market.
  • Complete with converter and 2-pin Europlug
  • Developed and manufactured in Austria.

The SANlight S2W will boost -  The quality of your crop, the quantity of your crop, the homogeneity of your crop over the cultivation area.

The SANlight S2W will reduce -  Your energy costs, temperature inside your cultivation room, water consumption.

Technical Specifications Overview

  • 173µmol/s PPF
  • Broadband full spectrum
  • 62W Power Draw
  • 90° Beam Angle
  • Rectangular and homogeneous light distribution
  • Modul-Efficiency 2,9µmol/J
  • 3 Years Full Warranty
  • 90% Light-Output after 80.000h of operating
  • Passive and soundless cooling
  • Protection class IP40
  • Please click HERE for a technical data sheet.

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