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Sarpo Mira - Organic Seed Potatoes

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Sarpo Mira - Organic Seed Potatoes

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Sarpo Mira Seed Potatoes are high yielding and blight resistant. More details below.

Blight resistant potatoes



Sarpo Mira - Organic Seed Potatoes


  • Sarpo Mira Potato is the original Sarpo and still the most widely known.  With 40 years plus heritage Sarpo Mira variety has the highest resistance to late potato blight (some say the highest overall of any variety).
  • Sarpo Mira is a large, pink skinned main crop potato.  It has an oval shape and yellow flesh. 
  • Sapo Mira potatoes give a very high yield.
  • Good taste, high dry matter content - excellent for mashing, chips, roasting and baking.
  • Has its origins in pre 1992 Hungary where the collective farm system had a need for high yielding, high dry matter potato that needed little or no chemical sprays and could be stored without the need for refrigeration or anti sprouting treatments.
  • Sarpo Mira develops to produce a deep rooted (and thus drought tolerant) plant that grows very tall and smothers any weed competition.
  • Pruning/cutting the potato stalks about10cms above ground level can help the potatoes mature early.  Do a test dig in September and begin to prune when you are happy with tuber size. Sarpo Miras can become very big so pruning is highly recommended.
  • Allow your potatoes to stay in the ground for at least two weeks after pruning.  This will help them develop a thick, protective skin that keeps the potatoes fresh for months after harvesting.
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