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Fodder Rape "Emerald" (Conv.)

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Fodder Rape "Emerald" (Conv.)

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Sold per KG. Emerald is a high-yielding winter forage rape variety. More details below.

Please ring for bulk orders -  027 50710  Conventional Untreated seed!



Emerald Fodder Rape is tasty with high fodder value


  • Protein-rich and highly digestible fodder
  • Fast-growing and leaf-rich for the formation of valuable and high-yielding green matter
  • For pasture, fresh fodder and silage
  • Intense, finely branched roots improve the soil structure and soil fertility
  • Effective nitrogen conservation for water protection
  • Protects actively against erosion and promotes the soil tilth formation
  • EMERALD has a high sowing flexibility, from July to September
  • Usage:

    • Green manure
    • Biogas- and fodder production
    • Ground water protection / Nitrogen conservation
    • Protection against erosion
    • Humus formation
    • Game cover
    • As component suitable for greening blends
  • Recommended sowing rate Feed production 10 kg/ha or 4kg/acre broadcast, 7.5kg/ha or 3kg/acre drilled
    Sowing depth 1 - 2 cm
    Sowing period July to September - depending on location! South later than North
    Fertilization 60-100 kg N/ha, Liquid manure can be applied both before sowing and when hand high
    Crop protection Usually there is no plant protection required
    Sowing method Drill seed is recommended
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