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Vitabella - Organic Seed Potatoes

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Vitabella - Organic Seed Potatoes

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Vitabella is a delicious oval yellow skinned, yellow fleshed, early/second early firm potato with high blight resistance. Great storage characteristics and flavour. Superb for boiling, roasting and chips. More details below.Organic Vitabella second early blight resistant seed potatoes

Blight resistant potatoes

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Early/Second Early Seed Potatoes

  • Vitabella potato is a firm cooking oval table potato which is highly suited for organic growing.
  • It is a very attractive and flavoursome table potato.
  • Vitabella has excellent blight resistance.
  • Vitabella potatoes performed really well in 2018 and 2019. Growers and consumers were very happy! We expect it to become a main variety in organic production.
  • It has oval tubers with pale yellow to yellow flesh and a yellow/white skin.
  • Very suitbale for homefries.
  • It stores well.
  • For more information on Vitabella Seed Potatoes please click HERE for pdf.

Growing Vitabella Potatoes:

Please chit the Vitabella Seed Potatoes before planting. See here for info on chitting potatoes

Make sure to fertilize soil well making sure there is enough Nitrogen, Boron and Magnesium. Plant above the level of the field as Vitabella potatoes will grow down. Higher planting will encourage faster growth and better foliage cover. Give Vitabella potato seed a heat boost before planting. Don't plant too early, wait for soil temperature to rise. Keep an eye on size by regularly trial harvesting, For real salad potatoes don't let potatoes get too large.

Wild Atlantic Way Land and Sea Chowder

300g Vitabella potatoes, halved
75g sliced squid
75g salmon
200g prawns
1kg live mussels
1 onion, sliced
200g streaky bacon, chopped
Olive oil
A pinch of mace and saffron
Cayenne pepper
500ml fish stock
Single cream (I don’t know why it never got married ......)
Chopped Chives and Parsley

How to -
•    Rinse the mussels in cold running water.  
•    Sauté the onion and bacon in the olive oil for about five minutes.
•    Add the potatoes and stock and bring to a gentle boil for ten minutes.
•    Add the seafood and spices, and cook for five more minutes.
•    Remove any unopened mussels.
•    Add the cream and season to taste.
•    Stir in the herbs and serve with a crusty baguette and green salad.  
•    Wine optional.

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