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Sluxx 20kg

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Sluxx 20kg

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Ferric phosphate slug pellet, Sluxx HP available  in 20 kg bags.  (Previously called Derrex)



SLUXX HP is an innovative slug bait.

It contains the active ingredient ferric phosphate which naturally occurs in the environment. Ferric phosphate is transformed in the soil by micro-organisms into iron and phosphate and becomes part of the soil.

Sluxx HP is deep blue pellet, with excellent anti-moulding properties. Highly efficacious against all relevant slug species, the bait  technology used in Sluxx HP has a novel mode of action. Following consumption of the bait, feeding ceases immediately. It should be noted that no excessive slime secretions will be evident either on or around the crop. As slugs usually retreat underground to die, there will not be any evidence of dead slugs.


  • additional rainfastness.
  • greater resilience to mould growth.
  • key advantages of ferric phosphate is its proven ability to kill young juvenile slugs because they find it so palatable.  Juvenile slugs are capable of causing more damage than their adult counterparts on a weight for weight basis.
  • approved for use in organic production.

Rate of Use

Broadcast SLUXX HP at a rate of 7 kg/ha evenly around and over the plants to be protected, taking care to ensure that residual grains are not left within the foliage of the crop.

Dose rate/ha       Approx. number of pellets/m 2

7kg                           66

Timing of Application

Apply directly after sowing or planting out. In the event of continued infestation and / or continued rainy weather, repeat treatment should be carried out as early as one week after treatment to maintain control.

Slugs prefer moist and soaked granules. On moist soil or in humid conditions, granules take up water and begin to swell.  The granules do not decay after a few swelling processes.

For more information on Sluxx please click HERE



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