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Granular Organic Fertilizers

Granular Organic Fertilizers

The aim of fertilization in organic farming is to ‘feed the soil to feed the plant’.

The aim for our organically approved fertilizers is to allow biological soil processes (microbial activity) to progressively release the nutrients contained in the fertilizer so plants get a more balanced and continuous supply.

The sources of the main and minor plant nutrients for organic farms depend on the nutrients that needs to be replenished.  Most of the nutrients are applied as organic material such as manures and composts but also approved types of ‘mineral’ fertilizer can be used.  Most of the mineral fertilisers are minimally processed, like for example PatentKali(Salt) and Dolophos(Phosphate Rock) which are both mined, ground and then granulated. Normally chemical processing is not allowed, but the rock (Rock Phosphate, Basalt) is ground to a sufficiently fine particle size that biological soil processes can release all the nutrients steadily over a few years.

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