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Kalisop Sulphate of Potash (42%K)

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Kalisop Sulphate of Potash (42%K)

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A potash and sulphur fertiliser mined from natural salt deposits in Europe. Contains large amounts of water soluble K and S which is immediately available to the plants. More details below.

Also available in 600kg bags, please ring 027/50710.

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Organic Potash Fertiliser

A highly concentrated two nutrient fertiliser with 42% K and 18% S. Being water soluble, the nutrients are immediately available to the plants. Similiar to the popular Patentkali potash fertiliser except without the magnesium. As such, Kalipsop is ideal where potash is needed and magnesium is already sufficient. Sulphur is also a critical plant nutrient which often gets forgotten by our narrow emphasis on NPK. Many Irish soils are deficient in Sulphur yet having adequate amounts is important for nitrogen use efficiency and will have a big impact on yield and quality. Kalisop is particularly good for plants which have a high sulphur requirement such as oilseed rape, brassicas, onions, leeks as well as grassland.

Kalisop is approved for use on organic holdings in Ireland but only on soils with a low index 2 (< 70mg/L K). Call for advice on application rates.

Benefits of KALISOP®

  • Water-soluble so that the nutrients K and S are immediately plant available.
  • Virtually chloride free and therefore ideal for chloride sensitive crops.
  • Will not affect the soil pH.
  • Shown to increase colour intensity, sugar content and aroma of crops. The plant tissues in fruit and vegetables are also strengthened thus improving storage and transpotability of the produce.
  • Suitable for base and top dressing of crops. Apply in Spring or spread over a number of applications to maximise uptake without loss to leaching.
  • Low salt index and thus is particularly suitable for valuable special purpose crops in intensive cropping systems.
  • As a crude salt it is approved according to regulation (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008 for use in organic farming systems.
  • Mined from natural salt deposits in Europe which were formed by the evaporation of seawater many millions of years ago.
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