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Organic Plant Based Nitrogen Fertilizer (12-0.5-2)

Organic Plant Based Nitrogen Fertilizer (12-0.5-2)

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Plant based pelleted High N fertiliser. Steady release of nitrogen over 6-10 weeks. Approved for use in organic farming. More details below.

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Plant Based High N Fertiliser

An organic nitrogen fertiliser which is of fully vegetable origin. Manufactured from fermented sugar cane residues, which as well as NPK, naturally contains calcium, manganese, zinc and boron. The nutrients are released in a steady way. In general 50% of the nitrogen is released wihin the first 14 days and then more slowly over the following 6 weeks.

  • Easy to spread.
  • Combination of fast and slow release nitrogen.
  • Permitted for organic cultivation according to EU organic regulation 834/2007.
  • Low in chlorides and salt.
  • Contains various trace-elements, enzymes and sugars for a healthy soil life.

Application Rates for Phytoperls High N

Apply from Spring when soil is warm and biologically active. Each crop will have different nutrient requirements depending on the type and soil conditions. If you need 50kg of nitrogen per hectare, you need just under 400kg of Phytoperls N. The following are typical application rates:

Grassland: 200-300 kg/ha in Spring.
Root Vegetables and Potatoes: 400 kg/ha.
Field Vegetables: 100-250 kg/ha when planting.
Lettuce/Salads: 100-200 kg/ha.
Lawns: spread 25g/m² in March. Repeat in June.


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