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OPF Foliar/Liquid Feed NPK (7-2-3, 4-2-8, 5-2-5)

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OPF Foliar/Liquid Feed NPK (7-2-3, 4-2-8, 5-2-5)

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OPF liquid plant feed for nursery and agricultural use. Plant based (Vegan) fertilizer which contains a wide range of minerals and nutrients in an easily absorbable form. Approved for use on organic farms. More details below.

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OPF Foliar/Liquid Organic Plant Food

OPF (Organic Plant Food) is made by the Dutch company Plant Health Cure. They are worldwide market leaders in the field of mycorrhiza technology and soil biology. Their main aim is to manufacture products that make plants resistant and allow them to function better. OPF does not contain any animal matter.

PHC's approach is based on how plants function in nature. Plants naturally coexist with many useful and beneficial fungi and bacteria. This symbiosis results in mutual advantages. The beneficial soil life profits from exudates excreted by plants. In turn the soil life ensures that plants can better absorb minerals and water. It also produces hormones or induces the plant to do so; this makes the plant grow better and makes it more resistant. Mycorrhizae and soil bacteria also play an important role in disease prevention. They protect the roots, so pathogens cannot get close, and they also actively exterminate the harmful organisms.

The organic base of OPF consists of plant based raw materials with high levels of natural sugars. Specific fermentation processes upgrade the organic materials to an excellent fertilizer. Natural vegetable raw materials have low amounts of salt, reducing the risk of root- and leaf burn damage. The high content of trace elements and sugars supports a healthy soil life and provides healthy and stable plant growth. The amino acids in OPF originate from plants and are therefore easy to absorb, even at low temperatures. OPF is a natural product and contains no preservatives.

OPF AVAILABILITY - please click for pdf with more information

  • OPF 4:2:8  -  For root and fruit development.
  • OPF 7:2:3  -  For leeks, cabbage and spinach - high in N for a good finish.
  • OPF 5:2:5  -  For general use, Very good for seedlings and young plants.


  • This liquid organic and biological fertiliser is suitable for all cultivation.
  • Entirely plant based, so no hazard of infestations by bacteria occuring in animal manure.
  • Due to the low salt content there is no hazard of burning. The nutrients are quickly available to the plants and the sugars contained within the Organic Plant Feed (OPF) enable the action of soil microbes in the existing soil/composts. further aiding nutrient release.
  • Formulated for spraying as well as drip irrigation and will not block inline filters.
  • Very economical in use  due to the high mineral content.
  • Approved for use on organic farms.
  • Application- from 1-5% - minimum 20L water per litre OPF.
  • Mix well before use.


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