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Subterranean Clover per kg

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Subterranean Clover per kg

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Annual clover -  Very good ground cover.

Untreated Seed per KG  More details below



Trifolium subterraneum  Sow months:  4-8     Kg/ha:  10 - 30 kg       1kg covers:  1,000m2 (undersowed)  300m2 (cover-crop)

  • Subterranean Clover is an annual legume.
  • Produces a thick, low profile canopy reaching only 30cms in height.
  • Growth densely covers the soils surface so protects against erosion erosion and gives good weed suppression.
  • Spreading through above ground roots known as stolons, sub clover can fill in gaps within a canopy.

Did you know -

  • The plant's name comes from its underground seed development, a characteristic not possessed by other clovers.
  • It can thrive in poor-quality soil where other clovers cannot survive.
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