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Tomato Hook (100 pcs)

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Tomato Hook (100 pcs)

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Tomato hooks help you quickly hang up your tomatoes and cucumbers. As the plants grow tall they can be easily lowered by turning the hook. Quantity 100 hooks. More details below.



Tomato Hooks

Tomato hooks are used in larger scale growing situations to efficiently hang, support and lower tomato and cucumber plants. The hooks are wrapped with twine and then hung from crops bars. The twine is unravelled until it reaches ground level. Clips are then attached to the twine and around the plant to support it as it grows. When the lower fruits are harvested the plants can be lowered by simply lifting the hook and flicking off a coil of the twine before hanging again.

  • Steel hooks which can be used for many seasons.
  • When used with compostable biotwine and clips efficiency is achieved without creating plastic waste.
  • 180mm fall with each wrap.
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