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Inline Dripper Hose Commercial Length 400m coil (33, 50, 75cm)

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Inline Dripper Hose Commercial Length 400m coil (33, 50, 75cm)

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400m coil inline dripper irrigation pipe -  33cm, 50cm or 75cm dripper distance. More details below.

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Inline Drip Irrigation 400m roll 35, 50 or 75cm dripper spacing

This drip irrigation can be used for the tunnel, hedging, vegetable beds and flower beds.

  • 400m inline dripper irrigation pipe with 35cm, 50cm and 75cm dripper distances
  • Gives a slow and steady water flow. 2.2L/h
  • 15 minutes twice a day is usually enough for most crops

Advantages of dripline irrigation:

  • Improved plant growth, as there is continuous soil moisture which penetrates deep into the root zone.
  • Efficient use of water since less is wasted by evaporation and leaching.
  • Reduced nutrient loss from over-watering and leaching. (don't irrigate too long! 15min 2x aday) Use Timer or Irrigation Controller.
  • Weed growth is reduced since you're only watering along the crop rows.
  • Foliage remains dry, reducing the risk of disease.
  • Can be used with low pressure systems such as a rain water tank/barrel - gravity feed. Use Filter!
  • Pressure up to 4 bar.
  • Time saving.

Pressure Compensated Option

The pressure compensated dripper pipe incorporates more specialised dripper valves which insure water is released from each hole equally. This offsets the uneven watering effect which can occur with standard dripper pipes on uneven ground and in the case of long distances where the drippers closest to the feed end can release more water than those at the closed ends.

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