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TopMix Complete 4kg

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TopMix Complete 4kg

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TopMix Complete Organic Plant Food 4-3-7  Will cover 15mt2

High fertility 4-3-7 Greenvale chicken manure plant food with added K (Potassium). Ideal for potato, root crops and leafy vegetables.  Approved for use on organic holdings. More details below.



TopMix Complete 4-3-7  rich in Potash (K)

Fantastic potato fertilizer!  4kg will cover 15mt2

It is an easy to use basic organic fertilizer with proven yield. It is a 100% natural product that contains trace elements - very important for enzyme and photoelectric functions of crops. TopMix consists of composted chicken manure with extra potassium (K) from a natural source. The potassium is responsible for the production and transport of starches and sugars and water management.

The advantages: all essential nutrients are applied, resulting in strong and healthy plants with increased vitality and resistance.

Application rates:

  • POTATOES incorporate 25kg per 100m²
  • VEGETABLES 20kg per 100m² - incorporate into the soil well before sowing/planting. Top dress with 8kg/100m² after one third of cultivation period
  • NEW LAWNS spread 150-200g/m² and rake in before sowing grass
  • LAWNS spread 100g/m² in March / repeat in June
  • ROSES add 300g at planting - top up with 250g in March and June
  • SHRUBS, FRUIT incorporate 250g Greenvale per plant into soil at planting. Top up with 300g each year in March and again in June
  • BEDS, BORDERS hoe 200g into topsoil in spring and autumn
  • NEW GARDENS after initial cultivation work 250g/m² into soil in spring. Repeat later in the summer if needed.

TopMix is not only a source of macro and micro nutrients needed for the strong and healthy growth of any plant, but also a source of organic matter to the soil. Water retaining capacity is increased, depleted soil is restored to a healthy PH balance and beneficial microbiological activity is increased.

TopMix is tested regularly to make sure that it is free from pathogens.

Approved for use on organic holdings subject to approval from your certification body.

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