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Troy Organic Onion Sets (Autumn/Spring Planting) 10-22mm

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Troy Organic Onion Sets (Autumn/Spring Planting) 10-22mm

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Excellent variety for over-wintering or planting in early Spring 10-22mm sets.  More details below. 

Possibly available later this year or early 2020.

Certified organic




"Troy" Organic Onion Sets Autumn/Spring planting10-22mm

  • A new, early variety that has a good quality, dark yellow skin. 
  • It is known to have a good resistance to diseases and bolting.
  • Winter hardy when planted in Autumn
  • Can be pulled throughout Winter and Spring as scallions, or left to grow into mature onions.
  • Troy onions will be ready for harvesting in May/July - 3 -4 weeks before other Spring planted sets will be ready.
  • Can be planted in Spring for an early crop in June-July

Number of sets:

  • 500g = 125 to 150 sets
  • 1kg = 250 to 300 sets
  • 10kg= 2500-3000 sets
  • 25kg bag = 6000 to 7000 sets

Plant this onion from October to March, 3cm deep and 4-5cm apart in the row and 30-40 cm apart between the rows.

Onions need a friable, free-draining soil and it needs to be a fertile, weed-free, compost-enriched spot in full sun (no fresh manure).

Lift the onions when they are mature or use fresh. Dry the onions before storing

Certified organic

The principal advantage of planting onion sets in the autumn is that your onions are ready to harvest around a month before spring-sown onion sets are. Also, because they are harvested around a month earlier, you can potentially immediately follow them with another crop that would be too late to plant a month later. Sweet corn and winter squash for example. For a good yield, onions need moist soil when they are bulking up in Spring.

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