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1L Tomato and Plant Food Vinasse

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1L Tomato and Plant Food Vinasse

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Organic Liquid Plant Food. Ideal for tomatoes, Strawberries and Potatoes. Approved for use in organic production. EU 834/2007.  Dilution rate 1:100  More details below.

1lt concentrate - will give you 100lt of liquid feed.



This liquid plant food is ideal for all fruit and rootcrops like tomatoes cucumbers and courgettes, but also beetroot, carrots and potatoes.

Vinasse is a by-product of the sugar industry, made through fermentation of molasses.  Dilution rate 1:100

Vinasse liquid can be taken up by plant foliage immediately because the Nitrogen is available in Protein form. The proteins together with the sugar residues have the additional effect of stimulating the micro-organisms in the soil.

Uses and benefits of Vinasse Liquid Feed -

  • Very effective where plants show signs of nutrient deficiencies like stunted growth or yellow leaves.
  • A treatment with liquid Vinasse shows in most cases a very rapid recovery.
  • The natural combination of Nitrogen and Potash (together with trace elements and small amounts of Phosphate, Sulphur and Magnesium) is ideal for all plants which require high Potash levels.
  • Liquid Vinasse is also an effective fertilizer for plants in the propagation stage - from two weeks after germination

Particularly suitable for –

  • Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Potatoes.
  • Strawberries and other soft fruit.
  • Any crops in need of extra Nitrogen and Potash during the growing season
  • Lawns with signs of nutrient deficiency.

Available in 1 or 10 litre containers.

Use every two weeks during the growing season.

Click HERE to download an information sheet on Vinasse (pdf file)

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