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Natural paints

Natural paints

ABOUT LIVOS PAINTS - the world’s first manufacturer of natural paints Natural paints, oils, varnishes, products for maintenance and cleaners - for wood inside and outside, for inside walls. Health-friendly, eco-friendly, made from natural and renewable raw materials. Good for you, good for the environment, good for the climate

  • Health protection - A top priority for Livos.  A careful selection of raw materials, rigorous quality controls, research and ongoing exchange with scientists provides this high level of protection.
  • High technical quality - Since 1974 LIVOS have researched and developed high quality products which are easy to apply, economical in use and easy to renovate. They offer optimal solutions for private consumers, craftsmen and industry. With the specially developed cleaning and care products, your surfaces will last for decades.
  • Sustainable business - Livos follows this approach over the entire life cycle of their products (from raw material production to disposal). Long-term and stable development comes before short-term profits.
  • Closed cycles of materials - Wherever possible resources are economised - for example, by using renewable raw materials and recyclable packaging, by heating the company building with pellets and by selecting suppliers with the same idea.
  • Transparency - The full declaration of all ingredients is standard for Livos. With this full transparency towards customers and fabricators Livos is a pioneer in the paint industry.

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